Stiltz Duo Classic – this is the original Stiltz Home Elevator and can carry two people up to one floor in less than 30 seconds. The Duo Classic looks great and is a lift to feel good about. It includes many features as standard with additional options available.

     Stiltz Duo Vista
– is fitted with a clear body made from structural polycarbonate to give it a contemporary look. The Duo Vista can blend into a room’s décor and allow natural light to flood in if the residential elevator is placed in front of or close to a window. It offers all the same features as the Classic.

         Stiltz Duo Thru Car
– allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift. This is made possible by the Stiltz unique dual rail technology. There is no other elevator lift of this kind on the market that is capable of having a double entry or thru car configuration. It offers all the same features as the Classic.

Light Curtain – Full height motion sensor lines the entrance to the lifts (aside from when a full height door is chosen). If the barrier is crossed the lift will automatically stop.

Top & Bottom safety pans – Obstruction sensing covers can detect objects above or below the lift and will automatically stop the lift if something is in its path​

Out of balance sensors - ​Sensors will detect if the lift is ever out of balance and prevent the unit from travelling

​Emergency stop button with alarm – This button is front and center for easy access in the event of an emergency

​Overspeed detection – If the speed of the lift ever increases beyond the specified limit, an optical sensor will detect this and stop the lift immediately. 

​Safety lid plug – This very important feature plugs the aperture in the floor when the lift is in the downstairs position and it is strong enough to be stood on.

Small Footprint: Smallest footprint of any wheelchair lift – covers less than 13.5 square feet surface area

Quiet: Powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor – no noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems

Fast Installation: Elevators are made up of modular sections – standard installs take as little as one to two days

Power Consumption: Plugs into a regular 110v or 220v power outlet – like any other household appliance

Unique Guide System: Two parallel, vertical guides bear load of the lift – self-supporting structure eliminating a need for load bearing walls

Self Contained Drive System: Housed at the top of the lift, out of sight

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The Stiltz Duo Alta​​  The newest addition to the vast selection of elevators available is the Duo Alta. Combining several popular features from other models, the Duo Alta can be tucked away almost anywhere! It makes a great fit in the corner of a room, a stairwell void or an unused closet. You can even make it the focal point of your room, front and center, like many of our customers choose to do. With the Alta's spectacular 360° view the possibilities are virtually endless!