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Standard Finishes: A neutral cream exterior and door with a beige interior lining color.
Half Height Door: The door is interlocked and is made to match the finish of the lift.
2 Remote Controls: Call and send the lift remotely and also use it to move heavy or awkward items between floors.
Two Year Warranty: All Stiltz home elevators carry a standard two-year parts warranty.
Internal LED Downlights: These are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the lift and remain on for the entire journey.
Battery Back Up System: If there is a power outage while using the lift it will descend to the lower level of the home and wait until the power comes back on.
Interior Telephone: In the very unlikely event that the lift stops while you are travelling in it, help is just a phone call away.

Stiltz Trio Classic – the Trio is a larger and heavier weight load version of the Duo Classic. Although compact, it is still big enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair. It is also an ideal elevator for anyone using a walker or rollator.

Stiltz Trio Vista –
 has solid side walls and is fitted with a clear back made from structural polycarbonate to give it a contemporary look. The Trio Vista allows natural light to flood in if the lift is placed in front of or close to a window. It offers all the same standard features as the Classic.

Stiltz Trio Thru Car – 
allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the elevator. This is made possible by the unique Stiltz dual rail technology. There is no other wheelchair home elevator of this kind on the market that is capable of having a double entry or thru car configuration. It offers all the same standard features as the Classic.